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Depression-Era music for the New Depression

photo of woman singing into old-fashioned microphone

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Doozy is currently on an extended hiatus and is no longer serenading the ghosts of drunk munchkins at the Culver Hotel. Please cry into your martini and assuage your sadness by enjoying our videos on YouTube. And do watch this space for future recordings.

The Doozy Sound:┬áPopular tunes of the 1920s & ’30s, Depression-era cheer, plus delightful retro-originals.

Doozy: Doug Freeman on guitar, ukulele, lap steel & cockeyed optimism, Peter Hastings on upright bass, knuckles & know-how, Henry Spurgeon on accordion, scotch & water, John Allen on baritone sax, clarinet and a certain je ne sais quois, the lovely and talented Carol Chaikin often sitting in with the fellas, and Christie Mellor, crooning her bittersweet little heart out in a variety of smart headgear.

colorful illustrated of members of Doozy band grouped together playing clarinet, guitar, upright bass, accordion, and singing